Mama Smash - Jenison, Michigan 1993

Recorded in Station C Studios in Grand Rapids, Michigan 10 full tracks were recorded and published. The guys had a blast winning a battle of the bands at the Intersection. Dozens of parties, and so many rehearsals. Today, Timmy Tym has put a small archive together for your enjoyment.

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The - 1993 Tweet My Ness

Here are various ways of hearing the tunes. Mobile and Computer devices should have at least ONE method available on this site to hear the songs. As a fail-safe, I have added the direct link to the MP3 song for you to directly hear each song. If you have any trouble, just FaceBook message me or email this website. Thanks for the visit. If I find more vintage tune from the band, I will most definitely post them here for all the fans and followers to hear and download. Stay tuned for more audio and maybe even some videos of the band! If you have any material to add, drop me a line and I will add it!

Direct links to MP3's of the music.
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